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Modern Farming Technologies

Farming has always been the basics of human survival since the beginning of time. The methods have changed through the years and presently, the human race is at the top of its farming game. Modern agriculture, as it is called today, tractor farmeris in need of innovative ideas. The challenges are new and bigger, the costs are higher, and labour is shorter with environmental concerns severe. Consumers play their part well by associating themselves with farms who show transparency. Brands can no longer hide behind a façade of honesty – they have to prove it.

At farmerdirect.ca, we look at the best methods of modern farming. These innovative methods are an answer to agricultural corporations for challenges they face today. Keeping in mind the need for such ideas, investments have increase over the last decade rapidly. $1.9 billion of investments were made in the last year alone. Modern farming technologies which will be discussed are livestock farming technology, precision agriculture, indoor vertical farming, Blockchain, modern greenhouse practices, automation and robotics and artificial intelligence.

Livestock Farming Technology

One of the most vital and overlooked sector of farming is livestock. Livestock management is not easy but is highly profitable. It provides the renewable natural resources that humans rely on a daily basis. Traditionally, livestock farming is associated with businesses dealing in poultry farms, cattle ranches, dairy farms and so on. Things are now changing rapidly. Livestock farming is not only about keeping financial records, supervising the staff and ensuring a good feed for the animals.

Innovation in livestock farming has changed the lives of farmers completely. The revolution in genetic engineering and nutritional technology has paved way for a better species. The improvements in the industry has made it easy for farmers to manage their stock better. Everything is data-driven and the part of digital technology has certainly been an achievement.

Technology related to managing livestock has helped in the productivity and welfare of the animals. A concept named “connected cow” was formed when animals were fitted with a sensor. These sensors helped in monitoring the health and productivity of the livestock. These sensors also monitored daily intake of food and activity providing excellent insights for the entire cattle. Such accurate insights has provided livestock managers to take quick decisions for the better.

The study of the gene landscape of a living animal is genomics. Study how these animals influence and affect one another through interaction can be done. Interestingly, these interactions have an impact on the animal’s growth and development. Genomics, therefore, helps farmers in understanding the risks and profitability of their cattle. Based on the results, they can make strategic decisions and avoid potential losses.

Precision Agriculture

Agricultural companies are using technology to help farmers maximize their fields of production. With precision farming, every crop variable is controlled. The pest stress levels, moister levels, microclimates and soil conditions is closely monitored and controlled. Farmers are, therefore, able to push their yields to its maximum level. The continuous evolution agriculture online casinoand development in agriculture has given endless opportunities to farmers to improve their work.

As a result, a new generation of farmers have taken birth who have a found a great opportunity for start-ups. A recent report by the Grand View Research, Inc. has predicted that by 2025, precision agriculture will be $43.5 billion industry. The systematic method of maximizing yield output encourages young farmers to be a part of this industry. Farming has always been dependant on the climate and been a victim of its unpredictability. This systematic approach gives them the confidence they need in order to excel in their field.

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